Peter Boltersdorf Peter Boltersdorf Institut für Leistungs-Humanismus

Peter Boltersdorf is chief instructor for the LUXXprofile. He is co-founder and co-developer of the LUXXprofile. For over 16 years he was chief instructor for the Reiss Profile. The focus of the institute is in the areas of leadership, team, motivation and coaching as well as in the training of the LUXXprofile masters.

Another focus is the work in the field of professional sports. For more than 15 years Peter Boltersdorf has worked with clients ranging from the first German football league to the youth golf.


Here are the current dates for the upcoming LUXXprofile master trainings:

28. - 30. November in Cologne / Aachen

Please register for the respective seminar under an.

For questions please write an email to peter.boltersdorf[a]


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Peter Boltersdorf Chief Instructor
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