“I am looking forward to applying the LUXXprofile”

LUXXprofile Master Interview

Marion Klimmer (www.mental-coaching.hamburg), coach and book author based in Hamburg, not only conducts exams coaching for accounting and auditing firms. She also advises these companies in individual personnel recruiting and professional advancement. Identification and retention of the ideal candidates as well as employer attractiveness are the focus of her consulting work.

Why do you think is this industry keen to use personality diagnostics?

Klimmer: Winning and retaining employees are real pain points in the CPA industry. This is for instance highlighted by the fact that some of these companies offer their employees mental coaching services during preparation for the highly demanding CPA examinations. On one hand, the companies see the opportunity to win in the war for talents. On the other hand, they are afraid that the employees will leave the company before any return on investment can be achieved.

What is your advice?

Klimmer: In the face of current demographic developments and the shift in values companies need innovative incentives for career advancement. The reason for this is that conventional manager or partner promotion is no longer the ultimate career goal for many employees. In order to win and retain the generations Y and Z, aspects like personality-oriented recruitment or HR development as well as offering a work life balance are becoming key.

How does such a program look like?

Klimmer: We are talking about a highly tailored support of the professional paths – from recruitment that includes the personal mindset via motivational leadership to individualized career plans that allow flexible working hours 

What are the prerequisites for a consultant or coach in this industry setting?

Klimmer: In order to recruit in an objective-oriented way and coach on an individual basis the following is essential: Industry knowhow, a good understanding of the psychological and emotional processes in high performance work environments as well as the knowledge about the latest personality diagnostic tools.

What role can the new LUXXprofile play here?

Klimmer: My instructor, Sylke Schliep, is keeping me informed on all developments concerning the LUXXprofile. She is very excited about this new tool, which shall be even more professional and scientifically sound-proof than the previous. I am personally very much looking forward to the switch workshop and to finally see and test the LUXXprofile.

Photo: Brita Plath