Digital, transparent and innovative – LUXXprofile reflects current work world requirements

Digital, transparent and innovative – LUXXprofile reflects current work world requirements

State-of-the-art test construction and versatile application distinguish the R&D project LUXX United GmbH (LUXX United) is undertaking jointly with the University of Luxemburg. The personality tool, which will be introduced on the market in July 2017, is called LUXXprofile and measures fundamental (explicit) motives.

The makers are no strangers

The faces and brains behind LUXX United are Peter Boltersdorf, John Delnoy and Thomas Staller, who are managing partners of Reiss Profile Europe B.V. ( – the current license holder of the Reiss Profile in Germany and several other European countries. The trio has successfully established the Reiss Profile in Germany during the past 10 years. Reiss Profile Europe B.V. terminated all country licenses in compliance with the license agreement with effect of 30 June 2017. This decision enables Boltersdorf, Delnoy and Staller “to easily adjust to market requirements with their proprietary personality tool development.”  

Staying abreast of the digital world of work

With the development of the new LUXXprofile, the three founders follow their vision to create a personality tool together with a service portfolio that is able to accommodate the changes in our current work environment caused by digitalization. The humanistic approach to “enable each person a well-founded and individual reflection of their own life in order to completely unfold their entire potential” is of core importance to Boltersdorf, Delnoy and Staller. The brand name LUXX derives from the Latin word for light, enlightenment and elucidation. Association to the scientific partner the University of Luxemburg is coincidental but not unwanted.

Development from scratch

The University of Luxemburg, well known for its participation in the global PISA Study, is a perfect match as LUXX United’s scientific partner being both innovative and future-oriented.  The research team around Christoph Kemper, PhD and Jan Dörendahl, MSc who are part of the university’s Computer-Based Assessment Group (, follow a dynamic perspective of the personality based on the tradition of Murray and Reiss. The construction of selective fundamental traits, item and test development, collection of a reference sample for normative comparison as well as the validation against quality criteria are done from scratch for the LUXX Profile and will therefore be completely independent from the Reiss Profile.

Dialogue with professional users

Relevance of the practical application for the professional users of the personality tool is of utmost importance for LUXX United. Therefore, experience gained from professional users of personality tools is part of the application development process beyond the test development itself. An example of this approach was a preview event in June 2016 where LUXX United invited more than 100 professional users in order to collect their requirements – from graphical test design to data-based reports for a variety of coaching and consulting situations as well as information exchange with neighboring disciplines such as neuro and social sciences.

Transparent development process

LUXX United together with the University of Luxemburg strive to establish a transparent development process. Test development currently reached the phase of item and test result validation. It is planned to conduct so called pre-opening studies from early January on when the new tool is piloted. After the official launch in July 2017, an additional research version of the LUXX Profile personality test will be available for non-commercial use. 

„The faces and brains behind LUXXprofile“ (from left to right.): Christoph Kemper, Jan Dörendahl, Thomas Staller, Peter Boltersdorf, John Delnoy. 

Photo: © Florian Reimann,