Insights from the seminar instructor

Switch Seminar in Hamburg

Hamburg-based LUXXprofile Institute conducted another switch seminar for Reiss Profile Masters in September.

The scientific foundation of the LUXXprofile was one of the hot topics discussed: Which items are determined in the motive dimensions? What size had the random sample? How was standardization conducted?

A smaller circle of attendees allows for a good and deep discussion, which is exactly what happened during the workshop in Hamburg. Attendees had a closer look at the individual motives. They praised the increased accuracy of the motives ‘retention’, ‘morality’, ‘safety’, ‘revenge’ and ‘family’ and found them to be transparent and well comprehensible. The longest discussion evolved around the ‘revenge’ motive, which describes the desire to reward experienced injustice. What behavior is triggered and how far will it go?

Attendees also rated the test quality (precise construction and measurement of the motives) and the improved profile chart positively: the new chart also contains the normal distribution, which helps during the assessment discussion.

We warmly invite all Reiss Profile Masters who to date have not been certified as LUXXprofile Master to attend the upcoming switch seminar on 5th October in Hamburg, also conducted by the LUXXprofile Institute. Norbert Hübner founded the LUXXprofile Institute together with his instructor colleagues Susanne Jess and Sylke Schliep.


LUXXprofile Switch Seminar in Hamburg