LUXXprofile is going to the world!

The annual World Conference 2019 in Cologne was more international than ever. China, Denmark, Norway, Ecuador and Slovenia were new countries that were introduced on the conference. The chairmen of LUXX John Delnoy and Peter Boltersdorf were happy to welcome new business partners and they could look forward to some more countries coming like Australia and England  this year too.

Lisa Li from China and Anders Piper from Denmark represented their countries personally. All the participating LUXX Representatives appreciated the talks and the demonstration of new products.

Rita Helter from Viadee (Münster) gave a talk about how they keep their employees loyal and Prof. Kemper from Cologne showed a brilliant study on consumer research.

Anders Piper and Vesna Jarc explained their new product: Couple Coaching and the last talk was given by Peter Boltersdorf and Uta Rohrschneider. They came up with a method to get a motivation screening of big groups.

In the afternoon Peter and Uta rolled out two new products, which are special reports for relation and motivation tools that can be used for employees.