LUXXprofile Motive CURIOSITY

The practitioner and the theorist

Written by Peter Boltersdorf 

The scale CURIOSITY is a perfect example of how the high and low points of the scale are making sense for each other.

Important to note: CURIOSITY on either side of the scale has nothing to do with intelligence. We can find people with higher and lower levels of intelligence on both sides.

People with a high degree (red values) of CURIOSITY enjoy thinking and they favorably like to think about ideas, strategies and analyses. What they rather not enjoy doing is what on the other hand particularly motivates people with a low degree of CURIOSITY (blue values): implement ideas or strategies into processes or routines. 

So if the prior is the theorist (high CURIOSITY) this means the latter is the practitioner (low CURIOSITY). It usually makes little sense to simply let an idea be an idea. This is why the thinker needs the practitioner.