Get to know: Vesna Jarc

Vesna Jarc is Psychotherapist and Sexual Therapist and she has finished her studies at the Faculty of Education; direction special Pedagogy for children with mental disabilities  and studies at the University of Sigmund Freud in Vienna; direction psychotherapy. She has made various specializations from: Systemic Family Therapy, Transactional Analysis, NLP, Mediation, EMDR, Sexual Therapy and Sports Mental Coaching and  Integrative Coaching, Business Coaching in Italy and Brazil under the auspices of the German Meta Forum

Today she is combining all those knowledges and working mainly as a sexual therapist with couples and individuals.

 She is the founder of the project Sexovnik (Sandbox=Sexbox). In recent years, she has been focusing on and working primarily on sexual therapies and educating people through seminars, columnists and TV shows, because she has seen great frustration through her psychotherapeutic work as a result of ignorance and lack of understanding in this field. Every day, when dealing with clients she can see how they face their fears, prejudices, feelings of guilt, sin, disgust and contempt in this area. Instead that sexuality will give them the energy that has created us,  feelings of joy, pleasure, satisfaction, freedom, abilities of giving up and devotion, it frustrates them and affects all other areas of their lives.

Her main goal is to help people who are facing problems of a sexual nature and help them get rid of the weights of prejudice and uncertainty about sexuality, to dare to ask and not to condemn others if they ask or seek support. Above all, regardless of years and circumstances, they continue to explore and play.