Restart, anticipation and good vibrations

Another successful switch Seminare - This time in Hamburg

Restart, anticipation and good vibrations

A warm welcome to some 30 more certified LUXXprofile Masters to the LUXXprofile Community. They participated in the switch seminar that was conducted by LUXXprofile instructors Sylke Schliep and Susanne Jess in Hamburg. The participants were eager to learn about the differences to the predecessor - the ‘Reiss Profile’. We would like to give you two exemplary feedbacks received by participants:

“I find your work awesome and am truly excited to see some of Reiss Profile’s weak spots, which have long been bothering me, resolved. I am very much looking forward to the LUXXprofile and will most likely simply replace the Reiss Profile with the LUXXprofile. At the same time, I am eager to see the special reports for leadership and team, as this is a focus of my own work.”

LUXXprofile Masterin Britta Burth

“I personally find it much easier to explain the LUXXprofile than the Reiss Profile. And as such, thank you very much for this great new tool. It is very clear to me that the terminology has become way more concise. This is helping me and hopefully all future clients as well to easily comprehend the results.” 

LUXXprofile Master Karsten Erdmann

Recently 'switched' LUXXprofile Masters in Hamburg.