Summer Splash 4

One personality instrument, three versions

We extend the summer. In the last part of our ‘summer-splash’ series we like to focus your attention to another product feature of the LUXXprofile.

LUXXprofile is available in three versions: LUXXprofile16, LUXXprofile15 and LUXXprofile14, each catering for the needs of different target groups. The versions differ in the amount of motives that are determined.

LUXXprofile16 is the complete version in which all 16 motives are determined and described. In general, it is suitable for grownups in both private and professional settings and it can be applied in pair counseling, individual change process facilitation as well as in professional sports.

We recommend using LUXXprofile15 in a business context in which the EROS motive is neglectable.

LUXXprofile14 aims at the growing group of pupils and students who are looking for individual career coaching. This version does not determine the motives EROS and FAMILY.

Depending on which product version is chosen, the client responds to all 144 items (LUXXprofile16), 135 items (LUXXprofile15) or 126 items (LUXXprofile14). In the result document only those motives are explained which were determined in the questionnaire.

The advantage for LUXXprofile masters: The different versions offer more flexibility and accuracy during the consulting process of specific target groups.

LUXXprofile Master Veronika Vehr ( explains: “I really like that it is very straight forward for me to pick and choose from the three versions and also clarify with my clients which version they prefer. According to my experience, managers usually prefer LUXXprofile16 for their individual profile and LUXXprofile15 for team assessments. 

The advantages for me as a coach and consultant are obvious: I am able to cater to individual requirements without leaving out necessary profile conclusions. As the basis always remains the same the general conclusion also remains consistent.

I think it is a very thorough and helpful tool, which I like to use in personality development. Thank you for the professional services based on the most recent scientific research.”

All three test versions are available via the LUXXprofile platform. Simply log on to your Master Account and choose your version and amount in the folder ‘buy new tests’.