Stephanie Grootenhuis Job Atelier


If you want to understand yourself (and perhaps also your team) better and lead successfully and appreciatively, the LUXX profile is a great tool for this. With the results you will be able to work very well immediately and also in a few years.


Learn more about your individual strengths and weaknesses, motives and needs and how these can affect your private and professional life. Feel free to call me for a first free preliminary discussion so that we can discuss in more detail whether the LUXX profile is suitable for your specific needs. Tel. 0151 4191 3553.


I have a degree in Business Administration and am a certified Systemic Career Coach (Master Coach) and have many years of experience leading teams in various company forms and sizes. The LUXX profile has given me more clarity as to why the leap into self-employment has been in my head for years and ultimately played a significant role in my decision to take this leap.


If you would also like to discover what potential might be hidden within you, I look forward to discovering it together with you!


Stephanie Grootenhuis

Europark Fichtenhain A9
47807 Krefeld