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For over 25 years, I have been intensely concerned with the question of how we not only survive as human beings in our habitat, but how we unfold ourselves to the greatest extent possible and live our inner reputation.
I draw from my expertise on human ecology, personality development, sustainability, evolution and life systems and have discovered solutions and opportunities from different perspectives. The experiences of many years of activity for and with people are the foundation of my work as a coach and facilitator.
Just as a sculptor already recognizes the perfected form of a sculpture in the raw granite block, I already see a person's powers and resources when they are still deeply hidden.
For me, the development of individuals and communities is a natural process. I give this process an effective framework through stimulation, structure and security.
This makes concrete steps visible and new ideas a reality. Visions become tangible products and services with added value.
Nature is my role model, therefore change is for me a permanent, natural process in the sense of evolution. This change can be progress, adaptation or a quantum leap.
The unknown, the hidden and the extraordinary inspire me. I am the right companion for you if you want to discover yourself or break through old patterns to make room for new things.
People who know me well describe me as focused, analytical and attentive. The engineer, who quickly and without judgment recognizes patterns, structures and networks behind problems, often comes through crystal clear.
As a result, complexity does not mean chaos for me. I keep an eye on the whole like an eagle and can nevertheless focus on individual details. This results in priorities and clear, actionable actions that bring you closer to your goal. I understand my reliable intuition as a 'wisdom of life', which very often gives me precious hints. It is complemented by a keen sense of resources and a high sensitivity to what may arise in the future.
With this clear sense of synthesis and my deep expertise, I call myself quite unabashedly a "t-shaped-professional" and see myself as an enabler of sustainable solutions. In the foreground is always your self-efficacy, which is sometimes no longer noticeable in the bustle of the requirements.
My work was successful when you no longer need me.
I follow my passion for lifelong learning in order to personally develop myself and expand my professional skills.
Training and certificates, however, are only one side, which merge only through my personality and inner attitude to a holistic way of working. This very nature, which can not be learned in workshops, has grown over the years in the "character school of life" and makes me unique instead.
If you are interested in my "certifications", please look into my portfolio. There you will find a comprehensive overview of my professional education and training.


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