Step into your potential, your power and conscious togetherness – for yourself, your business and the planet.

Nadine Hamburger NADINE HAMBURGER | Bewusstheit im Business | ECHTHEIT, DIE STRAHLT


Dipl.-Kauffr. (FH) and BA (Honours) in European Business, Pragmatic Visionary and Strategist, Integral Coach and Consultant

  • 13 years consulting and coaching: providing corporate strategy and communication, marketing, public relations as well as potential and personality development for people, products, services and conscious businesses

  • 7 years corporate experience: corporate strategy, marketing, sales and business development – in consumer goods, distribution, pharmaceuticals/health, consulting

  • 22 years of spiritual practice and exploration of personality and consciousness development

I empower pioneers and organisations to consciously fulfil their part within this change. In the past we spoke about Zeitzeugen, contemporary witnesses – today we are more than anything else, contemporary creators: Zeitgestalter. 


It succeeds when everything comes together: Inner clarity, strength and integrity. Powerful outer presence. Entrepreneurship, professionalism and consciousness. Connectivity with vision, purpose and one’s task. Real and well-matched connections with partners, colleagues, customers – as well as a supporting community.