Sabine Happe Sabine Happe - Zielfindung-Zielerreichung; LUXXprofile Instructor


Sabine Happe - how to define and reach goals successfully


You want to be in the leadership position? Find out where you wish to arrive first”


The key question "where do you want to arrive?" is our central theme within each coaching process. Each individual coaching process follows the same rule:


The one who knows where he or she wants to arrive becomes an active designer of his or her situation.


Nowadays, in modern life, we find ourselves in a world of: we have a huge availability of information, we may profit from a big amount of trainings, offered to increase our knowledge or capabilities. Working life has also become "fuller": increased demands, complexity, competition.


This "overabundance" runs through to the individual. When I ask people what they really want to achieve by the end of next year, most of them can not really answer to that question. They often say (in an embarrassed tone ) "my calendar is full anyway".
The key question "where do I want to arrive?" can be answered in many ways. With me, you will learn how to find the answer within yourself. All the activities derived from this answer will suit you and make sense to you.


The LUXXprofile gives us valuable hints within the coaching-process, it increases findings and insights and helps you to get a better version of yourself – at a pretty high speed.


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